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Caprinex has been in business for over 25 years, primarily working with designers and architects to deliver the best results to customers. Caprinex has completed projects all throughout Calgary, Lake Louise, and in National Parks. The majority of work involving renovations and new builds.

Caprinex strives to create the best possible results and experience for our customers. We are not happy until you are happy and we will keep working until we’ve achieved this. At Caprinex, we believe trust is a key component to a successful client relationship. We prioritize open conversation and honesty so our customers are confident we can get the job done.
Caprinex guarantees top quality in both product and service.
Cameron Ritchie
Cameron Ritchie began his career in construction more than 25 years ago. At first, he started his company with his brother but soon became a solopreneur in the industry. He was driven to pursue the type of work that required using his hands and building something beautiful. This led him to woodwork, cabinetry, and carpentry. He is constantly fascinated by the idea of taking raw materials and turning them into something of value and beauty.

Cameron has worked with several designers and architects who have influenced his work greatly. His favorite parts of the job are the challenges and problem-solving. Cam is always finding the best way to approach a client’s or designer’s ideal vision. He is naturally a very visual person and through his many years of experience, he can easily visualize the outcome of a project. Yet he understands this can be very difficult to comprehend for people outside of the industry. So, he uses as many resources as he can, even using Pinterest, to help his customers see the vision as well.

As the sole proprietor of Caprinex, Cam not only carries out the projects himself, he also handles the project management, and coordinating subcontractors. He prioritizes clear communication and honesty and with this, he is able to build trusting relationships with his clients and the projects always end with a smile. Cam’s drive to complete projects with exceeding expectations only grows stronger as he continues his career.

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